Thursday, March 5, 2015

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2006 Castagna Imperial Landaulet Dual Compression Engine with an Output of Approximately 800 hp the Perfect Balance Between Elegance and Sportiness

Tuesday, August 16, 2011 Manufacture: Castagna

2006 Castagna Imperial Landaulet - Front SidePress Release:
Modern revisitation of thirties car
Inspired by one of the most famous models invented by Castagna in the Thirties, the Imperial Landaulet is a modern revisitation of a vehicle that has set itself the ambitious target of creating an intelligent mix, the perfect balance between elegance and sportiness.
The bodywork covers the mechanical parts of this four-wheel drive vehicle with adjustable ground clearance and fitted with a dual compression engine with an output of approximately 800hp, it’s a new kind of luxury that allows you to travel anywhere in any kind …

2006 Castagna Crossup Perfect for a Wide Range of Uses

Monday, May 3, 2010 Manufacture: Castagna

2006 Castagna Crossup - Front SidePress Release:
The CrossUP is a car that is perfect for a wide range of uses. Its variable suspension system and new tyres make it suited to any kind of road surface and fully adjustable to respond perfectly to any way you want to use your CrossUP. Its full extension is an impressive 25 cm, letting it take on an off-road path or travel safely on the highway with equal aplomb.
A third volume is added on, defining the exterior and forming a convenient pickup body, fully clad in scratch-resistant material. Spacious, …