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2006 Connaught Type-D GT Syracuse V10 Supercharged 300 hp

Thursday, November 4, 2010 Manufacture: Connaught

2006 Connaught Type-D GT Syracuse - Front SidePress Release:
Connaught Motor Co. to Build First “Green” Performance Coupe
LLANELLI, WALES, UK, March 29, 2007-Connaught Motor Co. announced today that it will build the world’s first green, high performance hybrid sports coupe at a new plant in southwest Wales. The company is also relocating its entire R&D division to a business incubator in Wales from England.
Production of the new car – the Connaught Type D – begins this year, and the first consumer models are expected to be delivered in early 2008.The first model will be the limited edition four-seater, …