Sunday, March 1, 2015

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2009 Fornasari Buggy Special Steel Piping Chassis Molybdenum Chrome Max Speed 280 kmh Hydra Matic 6 Speed Automatic Transmission

Wednesday, August 31, 2011 Manufacture: Fornasari

2009 Fornasari Buggy - Front SidePress Release:
Represents the access point to the Fornasari’s world. It has been designed with 2 levels of mechanical; one is more accessible and a little less performance, the other one uses the classic architecture of Fornasari with a tube chassis, overlapped triangle suspensions and a Chevrolet motorization.
This is a vehicle particularly studied for a everyday and every conditions use and particularly indicated for the free time thanks to the possibility to be competed open.
For the rest it keeps unchanged the technical information of the RR600 and a big …

2009 Fornasari RR600 with LS2 6.0 L V8 Chevrolet Engine 600 hp

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 Manufacture: Fornasari

2009 Fornasari RR600 - Front SidePress Release:

The RR 600 is the latest Fornasari SUV.
It’s characterized from the new LS2 Chevrolet engine 6.0 litres 8 V cylinders built under our specifics, from an improved mechanical, from shorter gearbox ratio and from a better power management.
The interiors have been improved, now are more comfortable and wider thanks to the solutions that increase the comfort inside. Preparations could have the maximum grade of customization, according with Fornasari philosophy. Both interior and exterior views are determined according to the clients’ taste. The line is clearly distinguished by that one …