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2007 I2B Concept Reus is 2 Seated City car with Low Center of Gravity Gives Us an Extreme Stability in Corners When We Want to Feel Some Adrenaline Rush

Tuesday, September 13, 2011 Manufacture: I2B

2007 I2B Concept Reus - Front SidePress Release:
The Reus is a two seated city car. It is designed mainly for city driving and short trips to country side or golf course. A comfort and stable ride is one of the main factors for pleasure ride. With its compact size ( width – 1800 mm, length 3500 mm, height 1000 mm) the car is very maneuverable and comfortable in city conditions. The low suspension and low center of gravity gives us an extreme stability in corners when we want to feel some adrenaline rush.
The central mounted engine …