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2008 Magna Steyr MILA Alpin Concept Compact Off Roader Body Specially Designed for Integrating Various Different Types of Alternative Drives

Saturday, September 3, 2011 Manufacture: Magna Steyr

2008 Magna Steyr MILA Alpin Concept - Front SidePress Release:
MILA Alpin: Compact Off-Roader with Alternative Drive Options
MAGNA STEYR presents the third concept vehicle in the MILA innovation family at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show.
The MILA Alpin is a compact off-roader with a body specially designed for integrating various different types of alternative drives. This means: Excellent all-terrain capability, wide-ranging uses and emissions of under 100 g CO2 per kilometer.
Creating an attractive vehicle was by no means MAGNA STEYR’s only priority in the MILA Alpin project. The entire product development process was also designed always to make assembly …

2009 Magna Steyr mila ev Uncompromising Forward Looking Universal Daily Use 5 Door Version Length About 4 m Wheelbase 2.5 m

Friday, September 2, 2011 Manufacture: Magna Steyr

2009 Magna Steyr mila ev - Front SidePress Release:
mila ev: Uncompromising, forward-looking, universal, suited to daily use
Magna is presenting the latest member of the MILA innovation family at the Geneva Motor Show 2009: mila ev – a forward-looking automotive concept, uncompromising, universally applicable and suited to daily use in every way. The outstanding element and centerpiece of the mila ev is its fully integrated
electric vehicle platform which can be used by every OEM to realize their own product, drive and design strategies in the shortest of time.
A new vehicle concept
A new vehicle concept has been developed in …