Friday, March 6, 2015

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2011 Mercury Mariner 6 Speed Automatic Transmission Provides Smooth Shifts

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 Manufacture: 2011, Mercury

2011 Mercury Mariner - Front SidePress Release:
Though the 2011 Mercury Mariner has some desirable attributes, particularly in the technology arena, there are still better choices overall.
For a long time, Mercury vehicles have been little more than gussied-up versions of Ford products. And so it is with the 2011 Mercury Mariner, which is a slightly uptown version of the Ford Escape. The interesting twist is that this will be the Mariner’s last year, because Ford has decided to discontinue the Mercury brand after 2011.
In some ways, the Mariner is still a decent small crossover. In the …

2011 Mercury Grand Marquis Final Year of Production 4.6 L V8 Engine 224 hp

Tuesday, August 2, 2011 Manufacture: 2011, Mercury

2011 Mercury Grand Marquis - Front SidePress Release:
The Mercury Grand Marquis is unchanged for 2011, this car’s final year of production.
This is more of a eulogy than a model review. Born way back in 1978, the Mercury Grand Marquis lived a long and fruitful life, one that began at a time when land yachts with big V8s were the norm rather than the exception. Like Joan Rivers, it has sustained multiple appearance changes, and as with most senior citizens, there have been replacements for some of its creaky mechanicals. But through thick and thin, the Grand …

2008 Mercury Mariner VOGA Edition Side Curtain Air Bags and AdvanceTrac® with RSC® Compact SUV Segment

Wednesday, July 6, 2011 Manufacture: Mercury

2008 Mercury Mariner VOGA edition - Front SidePress Release:
MIAMI, Nov. 9 – Mercury continues pushing fashion-forward design, with a new runway-inspired production series called VOGA.
Literally translated as “fashionable and trend-setting,” VOGA hits primetime today at the South Florid International Auto Show, debuting on a 2008 Mercury Mariner. Over time, the VOGA series will be offered on a series of Mercury products.
“Mercury always has been about smart and contemporary design aimed at the style-conscious customer who appreciates a unique look,” says Peter Horbury, executive director, Design, The Americas. “At a time when stores like IKEA and the concept …

2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid ‘Full’ Hybrid System 2.3 L 4 Cylinder

Sunday, November 7, 2010 Manufacture: Mercury

2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid - Front SidePress Release:
• Outstanding fuel economy. Mariner Hybrid achieves up to 34 mpg in city driving – an improvement of nearly 14 percent compared to the 2007 model.
• Modern Design. 2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid features a new exterior look; an all-new interior showcases a fresh design direction for all Mercury products.
• More Choice. Mariner Hybrid is now available for the first time with a choice of front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.
• Outstanding performance. ‘Full’ hybrid system is able to run on gasoline engine, …

2006 Mercury Mariner 3.0 L V6 Duratec 30 Engine 4WD 4 Speed

Thursday, October 21, 2010 Manufacture: Mercury

2006 Mercury Mariner - Front SidePress Release:
Introduced last year, the Mercury Mariner offers modern Mercury design, refined driving dynamics and unique product features in a small, fuel-efficient SUV designed to attract new customers to Mercury showrooms.
A new exterior color, interior color and several equipment additions lead the changes for 2006.
The Mariner is the entry-level sport utility in the Lincoln Mercury showroom, which features a comprehensive lineup of upscale and luxury SUVs including the Mercury Mountaineer and Lincoln Navigator.
Mariner is available in Convenience, Luxury and Premier trims in …