Monday, March 2, 2015

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2006 Strosek Porsche Cayman 3.8 L 6 Vylinder Flat Engine 380 hp Offers Exclusive Fully Leather Interiors in Any Desired Color

Tuesday, September 13, 2011 Manufacture: Strosek

2006 Strosek Porsche Cayman - Front SidePress Release:
Driving Design is the trademark of Vittorio Strosek. Now an exclusive Strosek Individual Program is also available for the new Porsche Cayman. It includes striking and aerodynamically efficient body components: Engine tuning with up to 380 hp / 280 kW, custom-tailored light-alloy wheels with 19- and 20-inch diameters and precision-calibrated suspensions lend the mid-engine sports car even better handling characteristics.
To give the Cayman an even more striking front and to reduce lift on the front axle Strosek Design …

2007 Strosek Porsche Cayenne High Driving Dynamics Elegance Comfort Class Vehicle

Saturday, September 3, 2011 Manufacture: Strosek

2007 Strosek Porsche Cayenne - Front SidePress Release:
With the Cayenne, Porsche has developed a SUV to also appeal to sporty drivers. A vehicle where the balancing act between high driving dyanmics, elegance and comfort is achieved. A vehicle with class.
These unmistakeable characteristics are the focus of our design program. A challenge that inspires and attracts a passionate car designer. The result is a self-confident and independent vehicle with a sporting, powerful build, that responds to each driving situation with elegance and style. A complete design program with front and rear skirts …