Friday, March 6, 2015

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2008 Techart GTstreet RS High Level of Performance in the Wind Tunnel with a Downforce 10 Kilos on the Front and Rear Axles Speed of 140 km/h

Thursday, September 15, 2011 Manufacture: TechArt

2008 Techart GTstreet RS - Front SidePress Release:
TECHART GTstreet RS – What was to be demonstrated.
TECHART Automobildesign GmbH presents its cutting-edge TECHART GTstreet RS, based on the Porsche 911 GT2 (997), with an impressive best time of 1.06:811 minutes on the short course of the Hockenheim circuit.
Since 2001, TECHART GTstreet vehicles have been among the fastest and highest performance sports cars in the world. This high performance is reflected in the GTstreet RS’s statistics – 700 PS and 515 KW – with a maximum torque of 860 Nm. This power is achieved through the use of …

2008 TechArt Magnum based on Porsche Cayenne with Integrated Diffuser Reduces Lift on Rear Axle and Provides the Perfect Backdrop for Stainless Steel Sport Exhaust System Two Chrome Tailpipes Either Side

Monday, September 12, 2011 Manufacture: TechArt

2008 TechArt Magnum based on Porsche Cayenne - Front SidePress Release:
World Debut at the International Frankfurt Auto Show IAA 2007
The new TECHART Magnum Based on the Latest Porsche Cayenne
With more than 500 produced units the Magnum is the most successful model in the 20-year history of TECHART Automobildesign ( ). At the Frankfurt International Auto Show IAA 2007 the new TECHART Magnum based on the latest Porsche Cayenne celebrates its world debut.
Like its predecessor the new TECHART Magnum sets itself apart with a spectacular aerodynamic-enhancement package that fits all versions of the Porsche SUV. All body components are …

2009 TechArt GTstreet R New Turbochargers Large Carbon Fibre Inlet Pipes Special Intercoolers Sports Exhaust System Combined High Performance Manifolds

Sunday, September 11, 2011 Manufacture: TechArt

2009 TechArt GTstreet R - Front SidePress Release:
What was to be demonstrated.
The TECHART GTstreet R.
TECHART Automobildesign GmbH presents the direct successor to the TECHART GTstreet RS presented in spring – the new TECHART GTstreet R, based on the Porsche 911 Turbo.
‘Quod erat demonstrandum’ (this completes the proof). It was with this sentence that Sir Isaac Newton always completed the presentation of his mathematics and physics-based evidence. At TECHART, the phrase stands for the challenge of kitting out ‘Non plus ultra’ ex works vehicles with impressive performance capabilities. The result: the TECHART GTstreet RS based on the …

2010 TechArt 911 Turbo Independent Front and Rear Spoilers Optimize Mass Air Flow Improved Ventilation of Intercooler Systems

Saturday, September 10, 2011 Manufacture: TechArt

2010 TechArt 911 Turbo - Front SidePress Release:
Technology and Art – TECHART World Premiere at the Geneva Motor-Show
Since 1974, this vehicle has been making the hearts of true sports car fans beat faster: the Porsche 911 Turbo – a masterpiece made of the finest materials and a symbol of top engineering and design. An almost-perfect sports car. Almost, because individuality and personality are essential elements in achieving perfection. TECHART automobile design stands for the creation of individual masterpieces for sports car enthusiasts looking to give their vehicle a touch of individual flair. The result is the …

2010 TechArt Panamera Black Edition Symbolizes Characteristics Individuality Independence Experience with 22 Inch Formula II Light Alloy Wheels

Friday, September 9, 2011 Manufacture: TechArt

2010 Techart Panamera Black Edition - Front SidePress Release:
Black – the most dominant of all colors. In various cultures of the world, it symbolizes characteristics such as individuality, independence and experience – concepts that characterize TECHART and its customers. Reason enough to put the combined experience and individuality from TECHART to work in order to give the Panamera a unique appearance – the TECHART Black Edition.
The Panamera captivates with its exterior kept entirely in matt black. From the TECHART Aerodynamic Kit I to the multifunctional TECHART daytime running light system in black and the TECHART exhaust system, …